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The entire amount you owe to the IRS can be put in an IRS offer in compromise or installment agreement.

National Tax Attorney does an extensive tax debt analysis of your IRS transcripts to ensure all your tax penalties, IRS interest and back taxes are included in your tax resolution to make sure they don’t get missed.


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Whether you are a large corporation, small business, partnership, independent contractor, or just owe just owe back taxes, we can help. We resolve your payroll, income, business, partnership, non-profit tax problems so the IRS doesn’t hound you or take your assets.

Common tax relief programs include: offer in compromise, stopping levies and liens, installment agreements, penalty abatement, audit reconsideration, filing back tax returns and audit reconsideration.


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had some tax debt piling up and Robert and his team helped me figure out what options I had. If you have any questions or the IRS is slamming you then you should definitely talk to them.
Austin CoulsonOctober, 2016
I really like how they walked me though everything to help me understand it. Thank you to all that helped me
Willie O.July, 2017

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South dakota Citizen with Tax Issues? Here’s How You Can Handle It

Is tax debt becoming too much for you to handle? Yes, being in default on your taxes can put you in a pretty difficult position when it comes to your financial condition. It does not just put you in a tough spot, but drastically affects your day to day living routine. For a normal household ending up in a tax debt situation can be very troublesome, and confusing to deal with. It can disrupt your financial credit health, your future plans, and even interfere with the payment of your normal day to day monthly expenditures. So the basic question is: How did you get yourself into such a tax situation?  How could you have accumulated so much debt? Most importantly the question to ask is if you are in one now, what do you do?

One of the first mistakes people commonly make is that they usually fail to file their taxes on time. While some are unaware of the whole procedure, some simply choose not to file them, thinking they could escape from tax payments. However, that is not exactly how the law works. There are strict laws when it comes to those seeking to skirt around the law and default on their tax responsibilities. Authorities like the Internal Revenue Service, or the IRS, and state tax authorities like the Franchise Tax Board, are extremely strict and  may employ a number of measures with the ability to go to extensive lengths to retrieve money for the state or government. Once you have defaulted on your taxes the tax authorities will threaten financial penalties and press for payment, and can be very intimidating to the debtor to a large extent. For a common citizen it becomes extremely difficult to handle the pressures especially as they cannot even afford to negotiate with them because not knowing the laws or filing procedures is what got them in the trouble they are in to begin with. Situations like this require professionals who are not only well versed in the laws, but they have experience dealing with IRS and Tax Authority agents, and can stand in the gap for them. Perhaps you have heard the old adage, “The only things that can’t be avoided are Death and Taxes.” This is true. You cannot escape tax payments by opting not to file. If one does so they will soon find themselves in an even tougher situation. The law has given them permission to estimate your taxes based on current information coupled with past filings, and they can actually file the estimated tax for you. However, a major downside of this arrangement is that they do not include any tax deductions. Hence, your totalled tax bill will show far more income to be taxed, and you could end up paying far more than you are supposed to.

Tax filing is the first step. When you fail to pay your taxes you have just set the time clock for when your troubles will begin. The government can take a variety of measures legally that could drag you through all sorts of penalties, red tape, and paper wranglings that could bring you to the verge of bankruptcy. You could lose your house, business, vehicles and possibly even your business, the very source of all your income. With no money to operate you could find yourself crushed beneath a wall of debt! Thus, you could ultimately end up losing everything that you have worked hard so hard to build all throughout your life. The question here is how could someone end up in what could be the worst case scenario in their life? The ideal dream of most Americans, including the citizens of South Dakota, is that if you work hard you will be able to make a decent monthly living and thus all your expenditures will be met. However what happens when there is a sudden medical emergency or an accident or some incident? It is times like these when someone fails to manage their budget, and don’t have the foresight or ability to save money in the event of tax debt.  So when tax time rolls around, and it becomes time comes to pay any tax balances due, they are in a bind because they were not prepared for tax debt, nor did they see it coming. Though it is not their fault, as they may not know all tax laws and regulations, the state and federal governments still have a right to collect tax dollars and there are many laws that they have to ensure payment of said debt.

Some of the most common and major measures the IRS and state tax authorities use are Tax Liens, Bank Levies, Wage Garnishments, Late Filing Penalties and several other similar and equally disastrous things. When extreme measures like these are imposed, then it is always best to seek professional help from experts who not only they have a better understanding of the field, but have education coupled with experience, and are equipped to find an efficient solution as quickly as possible. There are firms like National Tax Attorney who have expertise in negotiating tax debts for their clients, as well as dealing with the IRS officials for the same. They have a team of highly dedicated lawyers who are themselves tax attorneys, and are aware of each rule and regulation related tax filing, defaulters and also how to find a way out of messes like these.

The first thing that the attorneys do is breakdown the problem so that they could get straight to the core of the situation. Once that is done, they begin to understand what has led to the financial crisis and then immediately start working towards finding instant relief for their clients. As they are quite experienced and well versed in the all aspects of tax laws, they are very well equipped to provide you with all the support you need until you are successfully free from worrisome debt. They also work at bringing down total amounts due by working with the penalties as well.

Wage Garnishment: Wage garnishment is a serious measure that is taken by the state or IRS. When you fail to pay your taxes, then the tax authorities have legal right to garnish your wages. This is an extreme measure and they can deduct up to 70 % of your money from your paycheck, leaving you with just 30% of what you would normally live on. In a situation like this the average person typically would not have enough money to stick to their budget, let alone come up with the tax money. The tax attorney with their smart appeals like an installment agreement can help you with solutions that will give you the option to not only keep your complete paycheck but also allow you to pay the tax money in small installments within a reasonable time, thus getting out of the whole mess completely without having to lose anything/everything.

Tax Lien: A tax lien is another major measure that is taken by the government to retrieve tax money from the citizen. Under this, your ownership to any sort of property can be taken away by the law. People can have property licensed under their names as well as licensed businesses that they run. So when tax liens are imposed on them, and they are not allowed to access their property as well as their businesses, which typically means you lose revenue by the hour, your associates and your earnings as a whole can be affected by your financial condition directly.  The attorneys of National Tax Attorney can help you out with this situation in an efficient manner. They negotiate with the state and government authorities (The Internal Revenue Service) to move the tax liens from your property, so that you can not only sell them off to pay your debts, but also can run the business if you own one.

Bank Levy: Bank levies are a measure that is put on the accounts of all those who fail to pay their taxes within the specified times. The bank has the right by law, under the direction of State and Federal Tax authorities to put a levy on your account. Under this, they can seize control of your account, and stop you from accessing it, as well as all the money. In a bank levy situation citizens cannot even borrow money from the bank in light of this, cutting off that way of repaying your taxes, as well as having it affect your credit history. This could adversely affect your financial future to a large extent, and the money in these accounts might also be seized to retrieve the tax money you owe to the state and federal governments. However, with the help of the attorneys at National Tax Attorney,  you can escape the scary situation of not being able to access your own hard earned money. The professional help from National Tax Attorney can be quite helpful for those who are in, or want to avoid a negative tax debt situation. It is always better to take care of these situations as soon as possible, to avoid any and all damage. With proper help from these highly skilled and experienced attorneys, you can proceed with confidence knowing you have done everything in your power to build a good future, have a good existing financial status, and protect yourself from making overpayments of any kind.


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